Same as it ever was

It’s a new year but you wouldn’t necessarily know that by the arguments silly pundits make and what Microsoft introduces. Oh, well. At least the Mac App Store is new.

  • this week’s economist has two adverts from micro$lop: one for a cms, the other for their cloudy offerings. more repulsively inept adverts would be hard to imagine. guess that’s what comes from having a monster like fester running the place ….

    mind, i really liked their win7phone adverts although really wondered about the point.

  • valerie:

    Hehehe. There is the new rumor going around another rumor site that Apple’s next-gen iPhone sometime this year (the iPhone 5) is codenamed “Bladerunner”. Hehehe. Bladerunner like in Harrison Ford, the android-killer in the movie. Gotta love that reference.

  • Rob:

    Aaah… but unfortunately Valerie, Deckard (Harrison Ford) was also an android himself. Or at least, the film’s director intended you to think that he was.

    Shame, as I like your thinking and I definitely like the name.

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