Food analogies gone wild!

This week’s Macworld piece looks at iPad and iPhone competitors through the eyes of a hungry Macalope!

  • Doodpants:

    Thanks Macalope, now I have the song “Velvet Elvis” by “Weird Al” Yankovic stuck in my head.

  • His Shadow:

    Because this is the kind of guy I am, let’s run thru a little history.

    The funniest stuff I see isn’t so much that Apple has competition. Competition is good. In fact, the new Apple under Jobs would be the lean, mean multitouch machine it is if it didn’t go thru it’s near death experience and didn’t have to fight for every inch of turf.

    No, the funniest aspect of the competition is that the companies that couldn’t kill Apple, couldn’t kill the Mac, couldn’t kill the iPod and haven’t killed the iPhone are all going to suddenly get their collective poop in a group and kill the iPad.

    That’s high comedy.

  • Sometimes you need someone to take away the crusts, and sometimes you need someone to butter your muffin, but if a lady really catches your eye, then you gotta get a piece of that pie!

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