Mass hysteria!

The Macalope agrees with a very silly pundit in this week’s Macworld piece! More on Flash and then Wired says WHAT APPLE MUST DO!

  • Lun Esex:


    is not listen to people who think they know better than the leadership of a company with billions in market cap, billions in the bank, and whose every product for the last decade (other than AppleTV) has been a home run success.

    Oh wait, they already do. Nevermind.

  • Kim Helliwell:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people think they know what Apple must do.

    To all of those people: guess what? Apple is WINNING and doing quite well without doing most of the things people think they need to do.

    For example: the constant refrain by the economically clueless that Apple’s prices are too high and need to be lower. Well, that’s only true if no one is buying their stuff at the current prices. But last I or anyone checked, people just keep perversely buying Apple gear at the current prices. So Apple probably figures they have things priced just about right.

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