InfoWorld: Act now to avoid tablet apocalypse

Enterprise IT managers react to Apple tablet

  • RLH:

    Somebody *please* tell this article is intentional parody…

  • Hey, don’t you be tarring us all with the stupid git brush. Some of us don’t live in a cave shaking our fists at those danged kids with their “fire” and “wheels” and “tools”.

  • DB:

    Even after reading it I couldn’t tell if the guy was serious or sarcastic. If serious, my response has to be “world’s smallest violin, playing just for you.”

  • hans:

    I was sure this was a parody until I checked out Mr. Kennedy’s other work. Poe’s Law is proven again…

  • Puts the “hack” in hackneyed.

  • dogfriend:

    A Wayne’s World quote sums this up perfectly:

    “We fear change”

  • Remchick:

    Wow. Just wow. I had to reread this several times before I was certain this wasn’t satire. How can this honestly be published as journalism?!

  • Eric Murphy:

    LIE to your users in order to prevent them from connecting unwanted devices to your network?

  • Lots of ‘brains’ in the comments- not much sense of humour!

  • Wayne:

    I was a project manager for the creation of some mainframe software in the year following the introduction of the Macintosh computer. I had 5 programmers on my team and, oh, how they mocked the Mac! They made fun of the mouse. They made fun of the little icons. And they made fun of the people that used one. I didn’t know then how the Mac would change computing, but I felt the interface would catch on. I now think those programmers were feeling threatened by the Mac’s ease of use, and I think that’s at the heart of IT’s dislike of Apple products to this day.

  • LS:

    Sarcasm and parody from a guy called the Macalope. No.

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