How do you solve a problem like Flash?

Who Can Do Something About Those Blue Boxes?

Users could make Apple change its mind by refusing to buy iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads because they don’t support Flash. That does not seem to be happening. In fact, iPhone sales are accelerating.

That’s because the question is simpler: What do these users want more, Flash or the iPhone? Flash doesn’t change your life the way the iPhone can. Flash is a platform that enables developers, not users. Sure, you might not be able to play that one game you like, you might not be able to see that actor’s web site, but you’ll open so many other doors you won’t care anymore.

The same will be true with the iPad.

The Macalope’s sorry if he sounds like some crazy iPad nut. No one knows for sure if it’s going to be a success, but he sure thinks it will. And something that essentially just makes developers lives easier isn’t going to stand in its way.

Making it better

Fraser Speirs (tip o’ the antlers to Marco Arment):

Think of the millions of hours of human effort spent on preventing and recovering from the problems caused by completely open computer systems. Think of the lengths that people have gone to in order to acquire skills that are orthogonal to their core interests and their job, just so they can get their job done.

In today’s Macworld piece (now up), the Macalope takes to task someone complaining the iPad doesn’t print. Speirs sums up the point he was trying to make nicely.


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