The reviews are in!

The Apple tablet can’t possibly be a hit! (Tip o’ the antlers to Chris Jennings via email.) Or, if you read to the end, “Apple may pull it off”! (Why is that part always at the end? The Macalope is so tired of that construction.)

When reviewing products that no one knows anything about, individuals should have to do that Jim Carrey thing where he stuck his head between his legs and moved his butt cheeks like his ass was doing the talking. Because that’s really what we’re talking about here.

  • dogfriend:

    The only thing missing from that “review” (of a non-existent, non-announced product) is a quote from the Fudmeister aka Rob Enderle (of the infamous Rob Enderle group). Why not include Rob in some baseless speculation about Apple products?

  • One thing I hate about pundits is that it’s so easy to say something is going to fail, because so many things do fail, so when they’re right, they think it makes them look like geniuses, but really, all they’re doing is playing the law of averages.

    It’s much more daring to say something is going to be a hit.

    And BTW, when are you going to write another column, Lope. The internet gets pretty boring this time of year.

  • midwestburbguy:

    Is this new apple device’s rumored Super wow interface just a better voice interface than say google voice or dragon ware?

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