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It’s delightful watching Joe Wilcox’s meltdown after being called out for ignoring the huge effect of Apple’s accounting methods in his piece claiming Apple was not more profitable that Nokia. His protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, there really is no way to read Wilcox’s initial post and think he knew about Apple’s accounting.

This comment by Joe is particularly amusing:

I’m not sweating the John Gruber attack, although his hit-and-run tactics without comments for defense is disturbing. He has one voice for which there is no rebuttal.

Shorter Joe Wilcox: Gruber must be wrong because he doesn’t allow comments on his blog.


Personally, the Macalope finds it highly disturbing that Joe’s blog — which forces you to sign up for an account before you can leave a comment — doesn’t provide permalinks for individual comments. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, JOE?

  • Tom:

    Hit and run tactics? Gruber has been very good about providing links to rebuttals, well-reasoned or not. And what’s the point? Their profit share/market share ratios are the story, along with the fact that their profits are in the same ballpark.

  • Chuck:

    Gruber didn’t “attack” Joe, he just said that Joe was wrong. That’s a pretty mild statement, because, looking at the facts Joe is totally, utterly, completely wrong.

  • Glenn Fleishman:

    I wish Daring Fireball had forums, because I think it would provoke a lot of interesting discussion, some of it meaningful. We enabled comments at TidBITS in a new method a few months ago, and it deters the trolls because we don’t give them an easy nor strictly anonymous way (to us) to flame and bait.

    But I also respect that John is doing what he wants. The idea that Wilcox has that sites have an obligation to, on their own sites, host comments or forums is pretty hilarious.

    I mean, Wilcox can link to Darling Furball all he wants, and that provokes discussion, too.

    • anonymous coward:

      … and there i thought the trolling on TidBITS happened in the articles!

      like the cheerleading sessions for yet another whiny iphone developer leaving in a huff and a puff: ‘oh the humanity!’

      at least the stuffit ads (seriously?) are reminiscent of TidBITS of old…

      ahhh… nostalgia!

      • Glenn Fleishman:

        Those darned whiny developers who prefer that after putting in huge amounts of time that their software is actually released! The nerve!

      • Pustoolio:

        Those darned whiny developers who thought their software was guaranteed to be released! The nerve!

  • Doc Izzy:

    At 2009 SXSW Gruber and Merlin Mann did a presentation on blogging. Mann told a story about asking Gruber why he NEVER has had comments allowed on his blog.

    Gruber told him, ‘I wanna own every single pixel on my site, from the top left to the lower right. And if I have somebody come in — even if it’s somebody incredibly smart…. and really funny… it’s not my site any more.’

    So this is de rigeur for John Gruber and has been for a long time. I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal about it.

  • Brad Lindsay:

    “He has one voice for which there is no rebuttal.”

    Does this mean that Wilcox is incapable of using his website to voice his rebuttal? This seems strange as he is certainly capable of using it to stick his foot in his mouth.

  • Jason:

    Not only that, but I’m sure if Joe Wilcox posted a rebuttal to Gruber, Gruber would link to it.

    That Wilcox’s only reply to Gruber’s accusations is that he’s “not sweating [it]” is damning indeed. When you don’t like the subject, you change it.

  • Glenn Fleishman:

    I hate how I can’t leave comments at The Macalope’s site.

  • Hal:

    Rather than curse the mote in Joe Wilcox’s eye, better ye repent for the large ungulate horns growing from your own Mac.

  • Dave:

    The man can’t read, can’t write, can’t subtract. He fails all the fundamentals of elementary education, and we’re supposed to listen to him?

    Wilcox has joined Enderle in my personal Hall of Shame.

  • Yah, but he wrote Firebug. Listen to him? I should be fellating him.

  • Pádraig O:

    Apple was not more profitable that [sic] Nokia.

    I once pointed out a typo on DF to J. Gruber and a few on RoughlyDrafted to D. Eran Dilger.
    I was surprised how both of them were very kind in replying back to me.

    I’ve yet to get me one of those cool DF tees.

    So when is the Macalope getting into merchandising?

  • Well… I’ve found that Gruber will respond to private emails on the rare occasions when I’ve found it necessary to write and say, “Yeah, but…”

  • J.M. Heinrichs:

    But he’s a Yankees fan!


  • Eric:

    Heck, I knew the guy was wrong. And if I can figure out an accounting situation, it’s so obvious that this guy should hang his head in shame for getting is panties in a knot for having his obvious error pointed out.

    And we all know how pointy things can hurt, right?

  • Yes. But sometimes it is hopeless to read the full dialogue on a blog post, and expect to get meaning out of it. It can seem like gold panning in a shit cloud.

  • Whatever:

    Excuse me, but you might like to look at past Wilcox articles before declaring that he had no idea about GAAP…

    You know why Gruber is so quick at objecting to Wilcox’ articles? Because he reads them religiously. Why is that? Because Wilcox is a very good analyst and reporter.

  • Glenn Fleishman:

    @Whatever: What is the cost of a visa to your cloud kingdom?

    • whatever:

      Cost? A relevant comment, question or counter argument would be a great start…

      Sorry – that visa crack was really funny. forget what I said about relevance. Keep up the A-grade humor!

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