Ball of confusion

This week’s Macworld piece looks at three pieces of silly punditry, the Windows 7 upgrade process and the App Store angst.

  • Gaz:

    OT. But I just got one of those warnings about your site a few minutes ago (time aprox of this message in other words). I ignored it of course.


  • RSK:

    Gettin’ the Google malware warning again… :-/

    Or… still??

  • admin:

    Fixed. Again.

  • BradI:

    There’s a quiet voice inside me, it says “Brad, that gurgle thing is gettin to big for it’s breeches.” Then it says, “hey maybe the malware is actually this popup message and goin to the site they want me to is the real baddie?!” I replied, “poor Macalope, tryin to give us answers and some *sshole, probably an MS goon, is hunting him.” Then I realized I was responding to my inner voice “out loud” and resolved to take my meds right away. ; – )

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