Fun with headlines

MacNN headline:

Nokia making “quantum leaps” to catch iPhone

Quote from the story:

[Nokia’s new markets executive VP Anssi Vankoji] tells VentureBeat that while Nokia currently has technically superior hardware, the accessibility of its features and the overall ease of the use of the devices still have to take “quantum leaps” to reach Apple’s current level, which relies on simple gestures and icons for control.

[Emphasis the Macalope’s.]

  • Sigivald:

    The proper physics definition of “quantum leap” probably does resemble Nokia’s UI improvement schedule.

  • kcarlile:

    I stopped reading Macnn years ago when it became fairly clear that the site was either slammed hard towards Applelovingmania or slammed hard away towards Appleishorriblemania with very little in between. Also, the commentators seemed to have the same general intelligence level as youtube denizens.

  • Ryan Gray:

    Not really saying if quantum leaps are being made or not. Funny how they admit to having so much to do to make things simpler. It’s easy to shove a bunch of features into a box and sell it to people who assume all those features will be easy to use or to nerds who like challenges.

  • Jussi:

    To Nokia’s credit, it is great that their executives can be this truthful. Admitting the existance of problems is the first step to fixing them.

    It is great to see Vanjoki (the correct spelling) share this view with the press. In comparison, most tech companies would not make this kind of a statement but try to bullshit the customers. You want examples? Microsoft comes to mind also Apple has it’s share of reality distortion, even without Jobsy.

  • Translation: “We’re hoping to find a way to tart up Symbian so that it doesn’t make our hardware look like a fucked-over 1976 Wang word processor.”

  • wilmox:

    LOL I love that he has to use the form factor as a defense, it’s almost a Mojave moment, we the consumer also “don’t think the world is so simple that you just make one device for everybody”! Fuck me folks the world is not a George Orwell novel.

    It’s not the Mac, it’s not the iPod, it’s not the iPhone peeps IT’S THE PLATFORM! Nobody else can create what Apple has done for many years to come. Let’s stop comparing and encourage the others to innovate.

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