Can Apple survive another great quarter?

That’s the question the Macalope poses in this week’s Macworld post. Also, see if you can spot the horny one’s favorite joke. It has to do with Steve Jobs.

  • Grover:

    “Steve Jobs decides to step down and spend more time firing people in his family”

    I laughed out loud.

  • DB:

    I agree entirely with a comment on the Macworld post: I would buy a Mac “netbook” if Apple were to produce one, but I understand it likely would make no business sense for them to do so. Why do those diminutive machines attract me so? Because nearly all my computer activity aside from my graphic design work, which i don’t tend to drag around with me anyway, is 1. undemanding of a machine’s resources but 2. keyboard-intensive.

    Yes, I could get an iPhone or iPod touch (or another “smart phone”), and perhaps I will when financial circumstances permit, but a soft or thumb keyboard is almost useless to me as an author of fiction and essays—or of long e-mail messages. A netbook is small and supremely portable, yet provides me with everything for basic on-line activity and for writing, which pretty much sums up my mobile needs.

  • G.:

    Where are you when we all need you????

    Did anyone you see this BS at

  • Vic:

    Sorry but I’m happy with my Windows machine. Those Mac commercials should focus on Mac greatness and not how bad Windows MIGHT be. Dumb move.

  • You’re right, Vic. And it certainly shows in their results.

  • apple is strong.. i believe they can survive

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