Credit where credit is due

The Macalope has long wondered aloud to random passers-by “Who the hell pays for Rob Enderle’s consulting? And why?”

Well, Dell at least pays for Enderle’s consulting and, after many long, long years, the Macalope has finally seen one instance where that money was well spent (tip o’ the antlers to Daring Fireball) but, thanks to the incompetency of Microsoft, for naught.

Acting on Dell’s behest, Enderle pressured Microsoft to forego the lame duck Windows Home Edition and offer a more full-featured version of Windows to home users. Enderle was right and had his legs cut out from under him by Dell, but still pushed the point to the extent that it ruffled the feathers of some Microsoft executives. Good for him.

The Macalope has always maintained that much of Enderle’s opinions on Apple as recorded in the press are shtick. He is the go-to guy for an anti-Apple comment. If Apple announces a snazzy new touch-pad device that increases penis size and smells of fresh-cut sage, Enderle will provide a whiny quote about it not having backward-compatibility for Jazz drives. He does this to get into the press and it works. He is the lazy reporter’s best friend. Enderle probably considers it free marketing and a hobby.

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