The Macalope joins MacUser

The Macalope is thrilled – THRILLED! – to announce that starting, well, now he’ll be doing a weekly piece for MacUser. You can read the first riveting installment here.

See? The horny one always lands upright. He’s like a furry, antlered Weeble.

The piece will largely be a weekly roundup of stories from the Macalope’s unique perspective. He’ll still be punching out a few of the usual jackasses here but, frankly, there’s going to be less of that. Truth be told, it’s simply exhausting trying to play whack-a-mole with people who simply do not care whether or not they’re accurate in their “reporting” about Apple. There are too many Todd Sullivans out there that are simply not worth the time (and the Macalope credits a number of commenters for pointing this out).

If there is a major publication that decides to let a silly pundit fly his anti-Apple freak flag, the Macalope will surely take it on. But no more generating free traffic for people whose blathering would otherwise go unheeded.

Onward and upward.

  • Phil Conroy:

    I don’t see an RSS feed for your new column. Am I just missing it??

  • Hrm, I don’t see one for the column either, just one for all of MacUser.

  • Weebles are already furry.

  • TheGnome:

    And mine had antlers too…. but they may not have been normal…… whatever “normal” is….

  • Dude.

    Without an RSS reader, you’re just another undomesticated quadriped.

    Also, I’ll miss stuff. I hate that.

  • allanimal:

    As on mythical creature to another, please give us an RSS feed to your articles un MacUser. I won’t be able to keep track of you otherwise..

  • blalor:

    Too bad. I was looking forward to more Macalope posts, but I just unsubscribed from MacUser’s feed. Couldn’t take their childlike writing style. Hope they can at least come up with a separate feed for your articles.

  • mick:

    Or just update here when there is a MacUser article…

  • Yeah, how about that? The Macalope will post a notification here. It obviously won’t be the entire text, but maybe a note about which three topics it’ll cover.

  • Ronmtec:

    What I’d like to know is how does the Macalope type with the hooves and all. Your keyboard must be huge! I imagine a giant keyboard in a forest, the Macalope leaps across it from key to key – prancing back and forth in no recognizable pattern. After a while and several bathroom breaks near the oversized SCREEN DUMP key – like the proverbial monkeys writing Shakespeare, a column is produced.

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