The new feed

Here’s the link to the new RSS feed over at CNET if you’re wondering where the horny one is currently plying his trade.

And remember, every click over makes George Ou cry.

  • Jack:

    It’s already in my RSS George, erm, I mean ‘Lope.

  • Gary Patterson:

    “every click over makes George Ou cry”

    Well, I’ve got nothing else to do today so I might as well click, click and click again. You’ve made it such an attractive idea.

  • Any chance of a full-content feed?

  • kb:

    You know what’d be great? If that RSS feed was full-text, because life’s too frickin’ short to click through for blog posts even if it makes George Ou cry. Although the crying does make it a close-run thing.

  • If it makes him cry, I’ll subscribe twice.

    Every day.

  • Again, as the Macalope noted below, you’ve got to take the full feed issue up with the CNET folks. He’ll try to find a link for feedback info, until then maybe it’d be better to leave a comment over there.

  • Billy K:

    Dear Mr. Macalope,

    I love ya. I really do. I’m glad you’re making some greenbacks. You deserve them (but what a mythical, part-mac, part-man, part-antelope needs cash for is beyond me). I will continue to read your blog over at cNet…Cnet…CNet….or whatever it is. Sadly, I won’t be able to comment (or apparently even read the comments), as I really don’t want yet ANOTHER membership to ANOTHER online whatzoomahizzle. Especially cNet, CNet, Cnet….etc. Frankly, Idon’t trust ’em, and I already have way too many memberships with various versions of my password floating around, waiting for one of these organizations to lose my data and spill my info.

    I hope you understand.

  • Fair enough. The Macalope won’t take it personally and hopes you understand.

  • It suddenly occurs to the brown and furry one that he was able to set up his account on CNET and the only personal information he supplied was his email address. So, it can be done without putting much at risk.

  • monkyhead:

    A good 80% of the time, the cnet page gets stuck halfway through, and I have to refresh 2 or 3 or 11 times just to get as far as the text. Other sites aren’t giving me this kinda guff. From this, one can only conclude that cnet is really great. Or maybe that it sucks butt. One of those.

  • Spyro:

    Apart from the already cited forced registration problem, I must say, after 10 days, that the cnet pages look horrible. None of the beautiful decorations you’ve put up here, the comments are hard to read (or even to find) and ugly, the posting system is poor (I mean, come on, going to another page to comment ? How lame is that ?)

    So, please, come back.

  • jo jo the dancer:

    sorry to see you go to cnet. i guess with no new post since the 20th, i guess i’ll stop watching this great site ….

    don’t worry i’ll keep reading gruber daily, and he can let me know what you’re doing:)

    cheers, and best of luck

  • Mike:

    Danger: iPhone presents a rape threat

    “The danger of password-protected phones would be an emergency situation where, say, a woman was being raped and couldn’t call for help because she didn’t remember her iPhone password.” –Rob Enderle

  • WTF? The Macalope has been caught and put on display in a zoo? In an adjoining cage to that of Mr. Ou’s or something? What a disgrace. Even his voice sounds different now, with all that ridiculous soft boxing around and somewhat girlish colouring topped with a nice gradient. Worst of all, does it look to you, too, that he seems to be liking it?

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