So long and thanks for all the oppressive windows

No more brushed metal come Monday?

At least that’s what the Macalope seems to divine as Mr. Gruber’s opinion today.

From your blog to Steve’s eyes.

  • Yeah I was thinking the same thing–hooray!

  • I guess I’m the only person who loved the metal…

  • Jenna Fox:

    I love metal too..

  • John Muir:


    iLife look … Mail look … something subtle and elegant and refreshing … that’d be nice.

    OS X needs some cleaning up when it comes to visual style. I never got why some apps were metal, some Aqua and others downright hard core stripey when I switched 4 years ago (not even mentioning Classic of course) until eventually I heard about the history of Cocoa, NeXT and Carbon.

    Unify! Or not. Whatever: but do it well. 😀

  • Hans:

    I don’t love metal, but I really didn’t mind it. The hatred is puzzling.

  • Jack:

    I like brushed metal. I like–whatever theme that is called. I hate all the rest. And I would hate it if all apps looked the same. Like John Muir says: “or not…do it well.”

  • John Muir:

    Unified — the “Mail” look — is my favourite, just above the “iPhoto” style. (I used UNO for a while to force this look on all windows, with mixed visual results. Mostly better, but sometimes blech!) Juggling them is the hard part. I hope Monday does bring something good in Leopard in this direction.

    You know, or Core Animation Valhalla. That would do too.

  • dino:

    I think Apple will release have a new interface for Leopard, but I highly doubt that they’ll make every app look the same. I’ve written about this a bit and I think Apple’s going to take advantage of stuff like Core Animation and some of their patents to make a pretty dynamic UI. Actually, we might have already gotten a whiff of it, in the form of the iPhone, and I’m not just talking about the UI of OS X. If you look closely in Watered Down, you’ll see a drop-down menu that appears to have a very similar look and feel that of iTunes 7. I guess we’ll see on the 11th. 🙂

  • I thought the brushed metal look was cool for a season, but now I unified my OS X GUI with UNO. Everything looks great and like they all belong together.

  • UNO:

    John “you know” Gruber 😛

  • dino:

    Have you seen his latest, and quite possibly last, chapter of the story? It’s actually kind of depressing.

  • Tim:

    I’ve never really understood the hatred for brushed metal. If it’s completely gone come tomorrow, I’ll be happy only because it will stop people from complaining about it and making up stories where interface styles are human and speak with each other.

  • Brushed Metal is such an ass 🙂

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