iTunes 7.2

iTunes 7.2 with DRM-less tracks is just a software update download and seemingly unnecessary reboot away! Have at it.

And can anyone explain to the Macalope why an iTunes update forces a reboot on a Mac but not on a PC?

UPDATE: The Macalope’s mistake. It’s QuickTime 7.1.6 that forces the reboot. So, OK, why does QuickTime (often?) force a reboot on the Mac but not on Windows?

Anyone upgraded any songs yet? A whole 5% of the Macalope’s iTunes-purchased music is upgradable. Hmm. Well, at least it’s only going to cost him $6.90.


The process prompts you to either have the files replaced and deleted or have the old copies moved to a folder on the desktop. The Macalope had them moved but he’s not sure why.

Mr. Gruber says the upgrade option isn’t working for him.

  • codepope:

    Didn’t need a reboot here? The last rebooting update was the Security Update… Now, you didn’t forget to install that did you?

  • Actually, it doesn’t require a reboot on a mac. I just made sure to quit iTunes before updating. Maybe it’s something to do with Front Row that needs the reboot, but my pre-FrontRow iMac was fine.

  • Weird, it didn’t require a reboot on my PowerBook, and I installed the Quicktime update as well.

  • Toni:

    That is strange. I did not have to reboot when I updated this morning. I’m runnin OS X 10.4.9.

  • Iain:

    Beats me. I installed iTunes and the QuickTime update and my machine didn’t reboot. Dunno if the DRM-less tracks are available in Canada, though. I’m still looking for them.

  • Matt Stocum:

    Odd, didn’t force a reboot on my Mac Pro.

  • Jim:

    Ditto here. Installed on my MBP, no reboot required. I’m in the UK so no doubt this DRM free update thing will bring zero benefit but you know, gotta have that latest version! đŸ™‚

  • No need to reboot for me. OSX 10.4.9, latest updates, blah blah

  • Funny, my install on windows required a reboot, but not on my mac.

  • kevin:

    Also installed iTunes & Quicktime update w/ no reboot required. IBook G4

  • mcooper:

    No reboot for me for Quicktime and iTunes upgrade. If you had something using a Quicktime component loaded, it might have prompted for the reboot when I didn’t.

  • duchovka:

    I didn’t have to reboot, either. Neither on my PPC nor on my wife’s Intel.

  • i didn’t have to reboot either. ppc mac here.

  • I’ve installed iTunes 7.2 on two machines now and no reboot was required…

  • The Doktor:


  • Nagromme:

    I didn’t have to reboot to get the new iTunes.

    However, there were 2 security updates recently as well, one one of the two DID require a restart.

    Maybe the reboot in question wasn’t really to do with iTunes?

  • I just installed iTunes via Software Update and it didn’t make me reboot. Of course, I’m also not seeing this magical “one-click” crossgrade from FairPlay to DRM-less tracks, so I’m thinking either I did something wrong or the iTunes team is having a bad morning.

  • Same here. I was actually surprised that not even the QuickTime update required rebooting.

  • dino:

    I didn’t have to restart…

  • aljoschs:

    No reboot necessary for me either.

  • TjL:

    No reboot here either, but my guess was going to be “No reboot forced on a PC because they figure you’ll have to reboot it for some other reason soon enough anyway” đŸ™‚

  • No reboot here either.

  • SeniorĂ© Soosy:

    Just installed 3 updates… if I remember right, the Security update required a reboot but the iTunes update and Quicktime Security Update did not.

  • Bruce Garlock:

    You also need to enable iTunes Plus, by going into your account (click on store, view my account), and at the top you will see a new setting for iTunes Plus – enable it their. I keep getting lots of errors when trying to view Plus enabled songs, so they must be working out some bugs. Check out some Pink Floyd or Rolling Stones for iTunes Plus music.

  • Ben Hoskings:

    Yeah, I just did the update on my MBP, it pulled in iTunes 7.2 and the Quicktime update, and no restart was required. iTunes didn’t do it’s usual ‘Updating Library…’ thing either, so I guess this was a pretty minor, Store-specific update.

    The new version of iTunes appears identical to the previous one to me; it’s running fine but I can’t see any iTunes Plus tracks in the store yet. I guess they’ll be out in the next day or so.

  • No reboot here either. We’ve put up instructions on how to find the DRM-free goodness.

  • um…yeah…no reboot here either. Maybe it was another update?

  • Dennis:

    No reboot required here either.

  • Another rebootless Canadian Mac user.

  • No reboot for this US-based user.


  • @Neven: other than the obvious, you mean? đŸ˜‰

  • The Doktor:

    >So, OK, why does QuickTime (often?) force a reboot on the Mac but not on Windows?


  • Riptide:

    Quicktime is a core layer of OS X, and that is why it often requires a reboot. Quicktime on Windows is tacked on top, and not an integrated functionality. Therefore just the quicktime service needs to be restarted.

    Better question… How come the finder hangs and (often)forces a reboot when you disconnect from your network without “properly” disconnecting shared volumes.

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  • Bruce Garlock:

    I have upgraded a few of my Smashing Pumpkins albums, and the transfer speed is slow, and has generated many “504” errors. I guess I am not the only one who upgraded to the higher bitrate, DRM-less tracks.

    I quickly played a couple of tracks, and they sound great. I need to put some headphones on, and really test out the quality, but so far they sound good – it is hard to tell if there is much improvement. Personally, I like the higher bitrate even more than the DRM removal – the removal of DRM is just a nice bonus for me.

    I really hope people don’t start to torrent this stuff, and if you see it, don’t propagate it.

  • QuickTime 7.1.6 didn’t require a re-start from me. MacBook Pro, 10.4.9.

    Security Update 005 does though.

  • LockeCole:

    I upgraded (with some problems, my guess, the servers are swamped as hell. Come to think of it, hell probably wouldnt be swamped, would it.)

    I even bought a few albums as a thank you of sorts… all DRM-less.I was not surprised to see my prediction come true. (wish I’d published it somewhere, but alas) Anyway, my prediction was that in the files would be a “Purchased by” tag… and there are. So if you distribute it, they (the RIAA-tards) will know who did it. I’m waiting for someone to start screaming that the DRM free usic isn’t really DRM free. Personally, I don’t care, because I dont re-distribute, even before now, but I’ll bet there will be some claiming it isn’t truely DRM free because they know if you post it on the net.

  • LockeCole:

    Maybe it isn’t as much a swamped problem as it is a combo of swamped AND still putting some stuff up. I still have 20+ songs on my list that wouldn’t DL and still won’t. Yet other songs, some from the same album as songs that didn’t work(I’m looking at you Pumpkins’ Machina) DLed just fine while their ‘album brothers’ refuse again and again to download.

  • The reason for the reboot on Mac but not Windows is that QuickTime is a part of the OS unlike on Windows where it is nothing more than a seperate app.

    As the update on the Mac effects the entire system then it requires the reboot to clear stuff that QuickTime would have been using in day to day stuff behind the scenes.

  • Steve Murphy:

    Why can you now play 256 incoded music but I can not import my CD’s at 256. Its caped at 128.

  • It’s not capped. You need to select “Custom” in the popup list and then you can go higher.

  • artMonster:

    I don’t think the account identifying tags have anything to do with Apple trying to keep DRM -free purchases off the torrents. I don’t think that will prevent it. I imagine it is just to keep the same functionality on iTunes between the DRM/nonDRM tracks. For example, the warning alert that you are trying to buy a song that you have already purchased. There may be other times this info is utilized, but I don’t think it has any hidden or nefarious purpose (contray to overly excitable articles in the UK tech links on MacSurfer…

  • LockeCole:

    I dunno about that Art. After all, I’m pretty sure all the info for ‘you already bought this, are you sure?” is kept on the server. I don’t keep all my music on my iBook, most of it is on my iMac, but it will still warn me that I’d bought a song even if it doesn’t reside in the library.

  • Notjustlaw:

    Apparently Mr. Gruber’s issues with iTunes Plus were of his own making. So far, the update is working, despite the two “issues” you found.

  • LockeCole:


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