He owes it all to clean living and fancy footwork

The San Jose Mercury News reported yesterday that it appears unlikely that Steve Jobs will be charged by the SEC in the options backdating scandal.

If the Macalope may riff on David Maynor (without the bad grammar), brace yourself for the flood of anti-Apple posts about why Steve Jobs is getting a free pass.

Long-time readers know the Macalope’s position on this, but there’s a substantial difference in suspecting or guessing that Steve Jobs is getting away with something and knowing that he is.

The Merc notes today that the fickle finger of fate now points to Nancy Heinen and Fred Anderson. So far this game is playing out pretty much according to Apple’s playbook.

But that’s because Apple’s an unstoppable killer marketing machine!

Whew. Aren’t you glad George Ou doesn’t cover the Apple options scandal?

UPDATE: Apple Insider sez the Wall Street Journal reports that Anderson has settled with the SEC. This is more evidence they’re unlikely to go after Jobs. Actually, it’s probably the evidence the Merc’s story was based on.

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