Have you tried exorcism?

Kris Tuttle at Seeking Alpha flogs the “Dell wants to sell Macs!” non-story.

Even though I can’t see a clear path to a deal of some sort, that comment from Michael Dell continues to haunt me.

Well, you really need to rid yourself of this appartition because while there are a dozen reasons it makes sense for Dell, there are exactly… uh, let’s see, three times four… take the derivative… carry the one… uh… zero for Apple.

Na. Gonna. Happen.

  • John:

    “Dell should write their own OS” … Oh wait, that would require engineers & R&D and all kinds of ingenuity wouldn’t it?

  • Mitch:

    And that remark about the “tablet Mac” being a movement towards other vendors delivering systems running on OS X is nonsense. The tablet Mac is a modified MacBook which is bought from Apple so it comes with OS X like all Macs. It’s not LIKE a machine from Apple, it IS a machine from Apple.

  • It’s Dell trying to look like the cool guy in the room. It’s the same thing they’re doing with their XPS cases. Fancy looking cheap plastic cases.

    Dell is my Dad trying to tell me that he listens to cool music when I see all of his Gordon Lightfoot CDs behind his one Green Day CD still in the wrapping. Nice try Dad! I know you listen to Lite-FM.

  • WH:

    There is a solution! When Apple buys up Dell – although I don’t know why they would want it, but who knows? Maybe they would launch a cheap-o DelMac? Would that be iDeal? Thought not.
    But anyhow; it will happen if Apple buys Dell, not before…

    Then Dell will have to eat his words and maybe that’d be the reason why…

  • What does it say about me that I listen to both Gordon Lightfoot and Green Day on my Mac?

    I’d claim that Gordon Lightfoot’s songs (the best ones, anyway) are like vintage Macs. They’re old but they still work!

  • Gitchigumi:

    Yarrrrr! Tis the Wreck of the Gordon Lightfoot, by Edmund Fitzgerald!

  • John C. Randolph:

    This reminds me of all of the “Apple should buy palm/sun/SGI” and “Apple should make the iPod work with Real/WindowsMedia/OggVorbis/etc” blather, and ESPECIALLLY the “Apple should switch to Linux” nonsense. It seems like a hell of a lot of people just don’t accept the fact that Apple isn’t a charity.


  • John C. Randolph:

    BTW, Green Day are a pack of Nirvana Wannabes who aren’t fit to shine Gordon Lightfoot’s shoes.


  • I point out the reason why the whole Dell / Apple thing will never happen : Don’t think for a minute The Steve has ever forgotten the whole “liquidate the company and give it back to the stockholders” crack from ol’ Mikey. Of recent, it is looking more and more like Mr. Dell should be taking his own medicine.

  • Bergamot:

    I’ll take him seriously if he can name a single thing that Dell has, and Apple wants.

  • It won’t be long before Dell is a niche market machine selling only to non-military Feds. If that. Once Vista is mainstream and the STD-ware starts making the rounds, PC will stand for Prehistoric Crap.

    I use a recent Dell at work. It’s a new machine running a 5-year old OS. Compared to my 4-year old G5 running a 2-year old OS, it’s slow.

    Eventually even sitting on Steve Ballmer’s lap isn’t going to save these companies that never innovate.

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