iPod sales down

Nah, the Macalope’s just kidding! Ha-ha!

They’re up. Of course they’re up! They’re up 50 percent to a whopping (all references to first quarter iPod sales figures must include the word “whopping”) 21 million.

iPod sales growth year over year was down, however, from 60 percent.

But when the last people on the planet who still don’t have an iPod are either Amish or Jim Alchin, it starts getting a little difficult.

Revenue is up. Profit is up. Margins are up. Mac sales are up. Fries are up. It’s all good.

  • Man oh man. 21 million iPods in a quarter.

    Whatever happened to those Zoom thingies Microsoft was going to release?

  • GRice:

    “Whatever happened to those Zoom thingies?”

    Well, in a TV interview this afternoon Steve Balmer said that they’ve captured 20-25% of the high-end music player market. He also laughed hysterically at the price of the iPhone. I guess Apple really is dead this time.

  • Splashman:

    I think they’re still around. A friend of mine claimed that his cousin’s sister’s brother-in-law’s nephew had one. Then again, my friend is a fisherman, so he’s prone to exaggeration. Perhaps the nephew had only *seen* one.

    Regarding iPod sales, I think we should start a pool on how long it will be before some jackass (I think Gruber should get that moniker trademarked) analyst tries to spin the numbers to mean that iPod sales are down, and that Apple is doomed.

    I’ve already read a couple of analysts that are “concerned” that Apple will not be able to sustain the momentum. This, a week after the iPhone debut. Gawd.

  • Splashman:

    Re: Amish, maybe if Apple made black earbuds?

  • flashronin:

    ROTFLMAO! SPLASHMAN that was brilliant.

  • huxley:

    Steve Balmer said that they’ve captured 20-25% of the high-end music player market.

    That’s crappy spin, I’d focus on the fact that MS has a de facto monopoly on the brownish-green high-end music player segment of the market.

  • Huh. Having 20% of the smallest part of a huge market means that Microsoft is getting (what we used to call back home) an old fashioned ass-kicking.

    Did anybody see the video? Ballmer looks and sounds like he skipped his HBP meds.

  • Gary Patterson:

    So… where are the people who predicted a drop? Despite the arguments they made, they’ve gone all quiet now for some reason.

  • grice, do you know of a link to this interview? i saw this on google:


    the reporter looks… “stran”… or something.

  • Splashman:

    Heh. Marc, my first thought was that Ballmer’s expression was due to looking at that “strang” reporter. But having watched a few other interviews since, it appears he always looks that way, except for the nervous smile he adopts when he’s pretending the iPhone is no threat to MS.

    I can’t imagine a greater contrast of CEOs than Jobs vs. Ballmer. If they switched places, I’d go back to pen, paper and abacus, just so I wouldn’t have to associate my computer with Ballmer’s butt-ugly mug and used-car-salesman smirk.

    If Ballmer keeps doing these interviews, Apple’s going to have to line up more production capacity.

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