The Macalope hates to devote even the smallest amount of his valuable time to Rob Enderle, but he simply had to add some comments to Mr. Gruber’s post about Enderle’s latest.

Enderle writes:

For those of us who really follow Apple, it is common knowledge that the company you see from the CEO on down is a construct. The public “Steve Jobs” is a character created by Apple’s agency played by a guy named “Steve Jobs” — that’s why Apple doesn’t like the Jobs biographies — they break the image. Had they gone the Ronald McDonald route, they could probably keep the name and change the guy.

That is pretty funny, actually. Not really true, but funny.

But what’s funnier is that if there were ever someone who has made a construct of themselves it’s Rob Enderle.

Enderle has become the go-to-guy for a negative quote about Apple. Reporters, striving for “balance” during a time when Apple is riding high have no further to look than the esteemed head of the eponymous Enderle Group.

Who cares if he’s almost always gob-smackingly wrong about Apple?

Enderle actually makes a decent point about how Microsoft should stick to its guns and try to “be in everything” instead of trying to play Apple’s game which is “make the whole widget.”

Then he goes all ka-ka-koo-koo bananas and lashes out at Apple “journalists” for not being inquisitive enough.

ComScore, on the other hand, does custom work for vendors. What it does is valuable, but if Microsoft were to use a ComScore study to disprove an IDC or Forrester study, I doubt many would be foolish enough to believe it. I’ll bet not a single Apple “journalist” actually looked up what ComScore did before avidly publishing the company’s results. Suddenly, vendor-funded studies are ok?

Enderle manages to get through his “Old man Enderle wants you kids to get off his lawn” routine without mentioning Piper Jaffray or any of the other sources that backed up comScore’s data.

Hmm. Who’s not inquisitive?


Rob Enderle: occasionally correct, but always fantastically wrong.

  • Me:

    “Rob Enderle: occasionally correct” – like the proverbial broken clock – ” but always fantastically wrong.”

    The guy sounds kinda manic, actually.

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