It's a twister! It's a twister!

Wow, there’s been quite a bit of general silliness in the breathless reporting of Apple’s options issues in the past 48 hours.

Here’s a hapless ZDNet headline writer apparently mistakenly thinking the Financial Times had broken the news that Jobs had traded his options in (that’s been know for years).

Meanwhile Michael Gartenberg at Jupiter Research agreed to be interviewed on the subject under the condition he not be asked for a legal opinion or how these reports would affect Apple’s share price.

Guess what the first two questions were.

Many, many stories said that Apple’s board had not approved the granting of the options. That’s actually not known. The Financial Times report appears to be saying that the options were reported as having been approved at a board meeting that either didn’t happen or where the options were not discussed. It’s still possible that the individual board members were aware of the grant and approved it. Apple still would have violated the law, but it changes the nature of the intent.

The San Jose Mercury News has all kinds of wild speculation from legal experts on how the news of the forged documents points to criminal intent and how Steve Jobs is a great target for a prosecutor “eager to show that no executive is above the law.”

Hey, even the Macalope got in on it, speculating that the Republican SEC chairman would be tempted to go after Apple because Gore is on the board.

Ha-ha! What an idiot!

Heyyy, wait a minute…

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