The Register had a piece a few days ago on why the Apple phone (née “the iPhone”) — you know, the phone the company has not announced and no one has seen and we don’t even know if it really exists let alone what its feature set or pricing will be — will most definitely, totally, absolutely, 100% with certainty fail.

The Macalope’s not going to link to it because there’s very little point in reading it (duh!) and, el Reg, if you’re going to be brazenly, stupidly, have no idea what you’re talking about contrarian, you should at least bring something fresh to the game. This territory has already been covered.

  • Pat:

    Let me guess…Orlowski?

  • Actually it’s pretty right on the money, except for the last sentence.

    It’s from a EU perspective, granted, but the factors that some people are saying will make the phone a success already exist here, namely the fact that many people buy a handset unlocked.

  • BarakTheCat:

    Thank you for not posting the link. This way we can make fun of them without people needlessly giving them the page views they so desperately crave.

  • John Muir:

    Oh dear sweet Jesus, the Register … no no no!

    Here’s something innovative: “why the iTV’s going to fail!” Not that it will. 😉

  • Neven:

    I think this stems from all the negative reactions to The Register’s own RegisterPhone, which, though still not officially announced, is perceived as underpowered compared to the iPhone.

  • Commenters – unless you’re regular readers, don’t knock the very funny, usually right-on-the-money Register. It’s a pretty good bloggy thing, and Gustaf is right, the climate is different here in Europe.

    Aside from that, I thoroughly agree with the Macalope’s comments on this individual article. In fact, I already had it bookmarked in order to remind the author of his comments a year from now.

  • I love El Reg, but that article is clearly not good. It’s like saying “Sony’s PlayStation FOUR will fail”.

    That being said, I consider it bad style not to link to the offending page. Let people make up their own opinion about what the article is worth. Anything else is likely to provoke people to make fun of the article without having read it, which is very unfair.

  • The problem with that is that to link is to reward and to reward such writing is to invite more inflamatory, uninformed rhetoric. If one must link to comment, then all one is left with is “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  • Jed:

    Whoah. El Reg is ‘pretty good’!? ‘I love El Reg’?! WTF. The Register is a bad tabloid. No more, no less. They pass themselves off as a news service but completely, utterly fail in the integrity stakes. They regularly provide what is, at best, misleading information – a favourite trick being to draw insane ‘cast iron’ concusions from mis-read evidence, followed by a complete refusal to retract any proven falsehoods. Yuk.

  • Jed – Yes, they often have blatant bias. Yes, they’re generally quite sensationalist. But show me who isn’t – even organisations like the BBC are guilty of that kind of thing these days. Accept it, filter it out, and enjoy what’s left. And yes, for the record:


  • ^^ Tried to type something and didn’t encode his greater-than symbol. Whoopsie.

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