Never too late to look stupid

In a snippet entitled “Apple’s Collapse” (scroll to the bottom), Rob Enderle shows that not only does he have trouble with comprehension — as we’ve long known — he’s also just a very slow reader. While he apparently hasn’t caught up with Thursday’s RSS feeds, he’s not letting that get in the way of stepping into the wrong side of a controversy.

Forrester has to be having a fun week hearing from the Apple fans after it announced that iTunes music sales had “collapsed,” dropping 65 percent.

Enderle then discusses the implications of this without pointing out the sample size or even noticing that it has been directly refuted by comScore and Piper Jaffray.

This would be outrageous if his word counted for anything but, well, it doesn’t.

The Enderle Group: providing last week’s analysis today.

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  • John:

    Years ago, Rob Enderle used to troll comp.sys.mac.advocacy and would always drop “The Enderle Group” in his sig. I once asked him who the other members of the Enderle Group might be, other than, say, his cat. He replied that the cat & he pretty much formed the entire group.

    The quality of Rob’s “analysis” has definitely declined since the cat quit.

  • Bill Scott:

    Do we really want to give Rob Enderle this many hits? We should all avoid going to websites that publish inflamatory Mac stories, knowing they did it solely to attract irate Mac fans/fanatics. He’s a fool, we all know it; next story!

  • mcloki:

    And then he wonders why the NY Times doesn’t want him as a contributor? This is just the “internet blog sunlight” that internet blogs provide. All the crappy, stupidity, fallacies, poor reading of stats, biased reading of stats and just wrong thinking will get the full internet sunlight treatment. Dissected and laid bare poor reasoning doesn’t stand a chance on the Internet. And as you know cockroaches hate the sunlight. they’ll recede to their dark little corners. Bye bye little cock-a roach Enderle, now off to your dank little corner.

  • I’m with Bill. Quote and site, but don’t link. Same reason I refuse to link Dvorak when he pulls his Howard Stern routine.

  • Dangit: *cite. Stupid NetNewsWire not turning on spell checking by default…

  • Bill B:

    God sometimes it’s so hard not to just go off on the fuckers who print such bullshit. That guy Enderle is such idiot. Anyone with half a brain knows all they have to do is burn a copy of your tunes purchased from itunes. Boom. No more DRM. iTunes users do not have to repurchase there songs, if they decide to move to another mp3player…..
    Bill B
    Nagoya Japan

  • George:

    What I hate is how ofter I’ll be watching the news, or reading an article, and hear (or read) something along the lines of “Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group said…”. It’s truly sad that he’s so often quoted as an expert by news sources that don’t know any better, and that people who don’t know any better hear (or read) his opinions as if they mattered.

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