Rob Enderle finally right about something

From the Wall Street Journal’s holiday sales blog (holiday sales blog?):

“The product [Zune] wasn’t particularly attractive. At the end of the day, you put it on a shelf and it just didn’t compare,” said Robert Enderle of the industry-research firm Enderle Group.

You said it couldn’t happen, but it only took a mountain of evidence to make it possible.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Jason Reindorp (Reindorp?) puts on a happy face.

“All signs indicate that we are on track to meet our internal business projections, and we’re confident that Zune will only continue to gain traction and momentum through the holiday season and beyond,” Jason Reindorp, director of Zune at Microsoft, said in an email.

Something tells the Macalope that Reindorp has already contemplated how he’s going to reflect this part of his life on his resumé without including the word “Zune.”

  • V-Train:

    One only needs to look at the Amazon sales ranks in Electronics to laugh at their “gaining traction” BS.

    Black: 71
    Brown: 355
    White: 555

    iPods? 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 15, 16, 22, 26, 27…

  • V-Train:

    P.S. There are iPod accessories that sell more than all the Zunes combined…

  • diode:

    Jason’s Resumé (draft 1) – Relevant Work Experience.

    2006 – Director of Microsoft’s “XBox mini” (internal codename) division. Product did not launch. As in take off. Metaphorically. Not MY fault. *I* tried to stifle the “brown movement”. THEY WOULDN’T LISTEN! not my fault. I’m a good director. I am. AND WHAT were they SMOKING when they came up with the whole “SQUIRTING” thing?! Huh? I tried.. it was.. I really.. made the best of it. I did.

    2005 – Project Lead at … I mean, BROWN! And SQUIRTING! WHAT THE HELL COULD I DO?

  • I guess next year at this time, we’ll hear from Reindrop and the successful push of Polly Pocket’s playsets from his stocker job at Toys R Us.

  • GadgetGav:

    From : Steve B
    To : Jason R

    Jason, please let me have the sales projections for Xbox Mini by end of the day. Thx. Stevie

    From : Jason R
    To : Steve B

    Based on our test marketing and the viral campain of the awesome ads, here’s the projections:
    Black zune 178
    White zune 155
    Brown zune 62

    Please note, these are totals, not K or M units.


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