The Macalope's a busy mythical beast

It’s been a few days since the Macalope’s last post, so he thought he’d test the ol’ blog and make sure it’s still working.

The Macalope wishes he could post all the time, but his day job is really demanding.

What is the Macalope’s day job?

Why, delivering Macs and iPods to all the good little boys and girls throughout the world.

A lot of people think that’s done by Airborne Express or FedEx. That’s only because the Macalope works in strange and wondrous ways. Anyone who’s eagerly awaited the delivery of a new PowerBook or iMac or video iPod knows there are deep magical and spiritual forces at work, forces far beyond the ken of some guy in a brown shirt and shorts with a wireless punch pad and a name tag that says “Larry.”

But it’s hard work figuring out of someone deserves an Apple product or not. Just the other day, for example, you may have read that the Macalope was forced to deliver a bar of soap instead of an iPod. This was, quite simply, because the buyer was being a bit of a pill around his friends and family. It was a tough call, but someone’s got to make it.

Anyway, hopefully someone will post something stupid tomorrow and the Macalope will have something to write about. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • John:

    Thank you for the 2 iPods and a MacBook, Macalope! ^_^

    I’ll be a good podcaster and hope you bring me a Mac Pro soon! With a 30″ cinema display maybe?

  • At my last apartment I was on a first name basis with my UPS guy. He would always ask “What did you get this time?”

  • Billy K:

    You really think someone’s gonna say something stupid…on the INTERNET? You’re gonna be waiting a while, my oddly-antlered friend.

  • Hey, I read some pundits (and they should know) who said that the iPod is causing carpal thumb syndrome as well as deafness. And that the new glossy screens are causing vision loss. Plus something about a guy who had a heart attack when his MacBook suddenly (and without warning) shut down! Apple seems to have solved that problem (albeit a bit late for that guy), as well as the mooing problem. The same worker who shipped the bar of soap was found to have also been mistakenly shipping out Gateway computers.

  • hi i’d like to get my order in early so that you can ponder my worthiness for longer.

    in about a month i will be hoping for a shiny new macbook pro c2d. if it’s ok with you i would prefer you to deliver that than delivering me soap or like a box of nails or whatever

    ok thanks

  • doug:

    Please write about Rob Enderle’s stupid (and illogical) new comments

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