A tale of two camels.

Larry Bodine on his conversion to the Mac in July [of 2005].

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when my computer got hacked last fall.

Larry Bodine on his conversion back to the PC today.

I couldn’t operate my own Web sites with the Mac. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


So, just how many camels are in your herd, Sheikh Hackneyed?

[The Macalope agrees with Ignis Fastuusz on the troll designation. And Gruber has a roundup of other comments here. But, really, this probably isn’t worth your time.]

UPDATE: As Rod notes in comments, Bodine’s conversion to the Mac was in 2005, which contradicts the Law.com post which says it was this year.

  • Hes just asking to get flamed, or help, but I resisted. It was hard.

  • You are right. It isn’t worth my time. Who cares if some idiot can’t work their mac?

  • BarakTheCat:

    I’m thinking of calling PETA on this guy. I can understand one camels back being broken, but two? I’m seeing a pattern here and it ain’t pretty.

  • Pilster:

    The chap claims “I’m smart”. I rather fear that all the evidence he provides in the rest of his article points to another conclusion.

  • Gary Patterson:

    I was about to read the article, then I realised this guy is just dvoraking* so I decided to read people’s reactions instead. I got most of the article, plus rebuttal and a bunch of people’s comments.

    * dvoraking: trolling in an especially egregious manner, presenting outright lies, unsubstantiated rumour and innuendo as news and then making a fat pile of cash on the ad revenues generated by angry mobs passing through. The worst possible type of ‘journalism’.

  • Yeah. I ALMOST thought about linking to this moron as an example of “teh Dumbz0rDv0r@X!!!111”, but then that would conceivably give him a hit, and as my daddy said, “Son, don’t go yellin’ at stupid, it just makes them think they’re important.”

  • Note that the “I Bought A Mac” post is from July *2005*, not 2006 as claimed here (and in his latter post). In case anyone was wanting to purchase the Mac from him, y’know.

  • Just like one poster commented on the story on Giles Turnbull’s blog: Larry’s stuff is ‘link-bait’.

  • Kordan Harvey:

    So he’s actually had his Mac for a year and he’s just now making a big deal of it? Some forward thinking, open-mindedness and a little hardwork on his part and he could have been scripting in under a year, let alone having figured out how to take screen caps. This guy is ridiculous.

  • Dan:

    Clearly the “May 21, 2006” was a typo. He meant 2005.

    So, to repeat what I wrote in a comment over here, the question becomes: what kind of jackass can’t figure out how to use a Mac in 18 months?

    This guy set his grandmother up on one after her stroke. Seems that if she could handle it, Larry Bodine, Esq ought to be able to grok the Apple.

  • Ken:

    He used…. Outlook and IE 5.something. Oh, please. No wonder he had a bad time.

  • I know he is just asking for it, but I just had to write a flame mail. geez i wish i could control these urges.


    I just read your article on your experience with your Mac.

    Mate, I am sure you are a smart guy, so please, remove your article for your own sake.
    It makes you look like a fool. Really.

    All the things you complain about … I am sorry, but you were doing them wrong.

    Quick, remove the article before everyone you know and respect also finds out you are a complete jackass.

    Thanks for the comedy. Your article was a real laugh … We call incidents like this the Mac OS X Darwin awards … another Windoze user returns to the fold, whereby increasing the average IQ of the Mac user base.



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