.Mac webmail – now with more cleavage!

The Macalope can’t quite put his hoof on it, but for some reason he already likes the upcoming .Mac webmail interface (antler tip to Daring Fireball).

  • Bill Eccles:

    Um, yeah, but is it Katie or Amy Lorenzo’s cleavage we’re viewing? It seems that the cleavage shot is attributed to Katie Lorenzo if you read the “From” column. But in the message header, her name mysteriously changes to “Amy.”

    Oh, wait. That’s Katie. Or at least that’s what she calls herself….

    Or am I looking too closely…? (And who can blame me?!)


  • Dan:

    She’s married, dude.

  • Reginald:

    Yes, she’s married, but she’s a slut who will cheat on Preston regularly throughout their marriage.

  • Bill Eccles:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I noticed that she’s married.

    After I noticed her cleavage.


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