George Ou… uh… responds in comments.

Hey that’s a nice spin. What the hell did you expect Apple to say? You’re all full of shit.

Ah, it does remind one of a young Oscar Wilde, does it not?

And speaking of sneaking in and taking a dump on someone’s desk, Daring Fireball has more.

UPDATE: And more!

It’s not over yet, Mr. Fleishman!

(Oh, dear god, when will it be over?)

Determined to have the last word, Maynor and Ellch will tell “the complete story” next weekend at ToorCon 2006.

Uh… the Macalope’s pretty sure that one side of a two-sided story probably isn’t going to be telling “the complete story.”

[Updated to fix the link and quote Ou’s comment as WordPress doesn’t seem to be letting the Macalope link right to individual comments.]

  • Oh it’s even better now. He’s now pulling one from Hillary Clinton’s book, and accusing everyone who disagreed with him of “Orchestrating an attack” against him, Krebs and the other two.

    Is George 12?

  • Gob:

    Sigh. This discussion has stopped being helpful. It has degenerated into personal attacks from both sides, and the issue, if there was an issue, has been totally sidelined. All the combatants are disgusting to me.

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