Weekend Roundup

Some odds and ends collected by the Macalope this week.

Apple legal counsel sends a cease and desist to a guy who links to a YouTube video of Leopard features that already viewable on Apple’s web site – The Maclope is constantly astounded at how many lawyers who deal in technology intellectual property rights know so little of technology. These guys should really stop getting their information from Senator Ted Stevens.

One can’t help but wonder if some back-of-the-envelope math was done at O’Melveny & Myers LLP and they quickly realized that just sending one email to YouTube results in far fewer billable hours than sending 50 emails to 50 websites linking to that one YouTube video.

Microsoft Canada accidentally posts Vista pricing – Yes, it’s outrageously expensive, but when you consider that Microsoft only offers an OS upgrade every decade, it’s not that much at all. At rates like these, the Macalope thinks the company should be staffing the Windows Activation hotline with phone sex operators.

BusinessWeek speculates about Apple merging with Google – As Google’s whole business model is trying to make the PC irrelevant, the Macalope’s not really sure how this would help the Mac. And neither is BusinessWeek. Other than fight Microsoft, the article asks…

What else might they do together? The Mac is cool. So is Google.

Wow. You know, that question really needed an action verb in the answer.

  • Al:

    If you don’t protect your intellectual property from everyone, Microsoft can steal it.
    If you do protect your intellectual property from everyone Microsoft steals it anyway.
    I don’t know why Apple tries so hard to protect their rights either.

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