Yesterday’s Macworld column looks at some choice reaction to Apple’s quarterly results.

Assumes facts not in evidence

Today’s Macworld column says you’re out of order, this whole court is out of order!


This week’s Macworld column looks at perspectives and how they can keep you from seeing reality.

The prediction of the beast

Today’s Macworld column has some fun with numbers.

(Is the apocalypse fun?)

Apple doom enters 37th consecutive year

In today’s Macworld column it appears we’re still talking about how Google’s Nest acquisition reflects badly on Apple.


In this week’s Macworld column we look at publications that would like to disavow any knowledge of their opinion pieces. And with good reason.

From zero to Apple in 3.5 seconds

Today’s Macworld column¬†looks at how fast something can be made about Apple. Pretty fast, apparently.

Satire is dead

Yesterday’s Macworld column looked at the strange case of the satirical Business Insider piece that wasn’t satirical.

Magical thinking

This week’s Macworld column explores the idea that Apple must make a phablet… OR DIE! We’ll also look at how Microsoft’s CEO search is going and how Apple is only popular with kids even though it’s not popular with kids.

False alarm

Today’s Macworld column looks at what Apple MUST DO.