Comparing the incomparable

This week’s Macworld column looks at, among other things, the very serious question of whether or not the iPhone 5c is just like the Surface RT.

What, us worry?

Yesterday’s Macworld column looks a lovely piece of tripe from our friends at Forbes who want to let investors know why Apple is still in trouble.


Today’s Macworld column asks you to help the Macalope in asking editors around the globe when they are going to do something about Stupidgate, the continued publication of mind-numbingly stupid articles about Apple.

Like clockwork

This week we had an Apple event! So, needless to say, in this week’s column the Macalope is left to dissect the commentary on how laaaame it was.

Technology journalalism

This week’s Macworld column finds the Macalope only able to read half of one piece, while another piece is not what it seems!

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