Much ado about what, exactly?

Today’s Macworld column looks at the troubling “news” that Apple and Google are no longer America’s sweethearts. Tuesday’s column looked at another pundit who’s oh-so-concerned about that new ad campaign.


This week’s Macworld column looks at the wonderful world of recycling… dumb arguments about Apple.

Also, if you missed Thursday’s column because the Macalope didn’t link to it, here, he’s linking to it now. It’s about how a commercial can drive a pundit insane. Fascinating reading.


Today’s Macworld column looks at the dizzying array of things pundits like to project about Apple.

Works of fiction

This week’s Macworld column finds that technology writing is a great place to hone your fiction-writing chops!

Summer drama

If you see one movie this summer, don’t make it the one about how Tim Cook has one last chance to save Apple.

So misunderstood in his time

Today’s Macworld column asks us all to cry a river for poor Mike Elgan.