iPhone 4 fever

This week’s Macworld post: Steve Jobs is killing jobs with a small “j”, Scott Moritz and the iPhone 4 (worst band name ever?).

Desperately seeking iPhone 4

In this week’s Macworld piece, the Macalope tells his heartbreaking tale of getting shut out for an iPhone on launch day (first world problems hurt too, you know!). “Google fanbois” think the company can do aaaaanything and are netbooks on the way out?

In defense of comments…

They are sometimes hysterical.

What's the matter with Joe Wilcox?

His diatribe of last year challenging a recuperating Steve Jobs to return to work full time:

What has Apple done truly innovative in your absence? Not much… Of course, you don’t want to admit it. But, c’mon, Steve. Let’s be men discussing it.

His challenge to John Gruber five days ago to allow comments on Daring Fireball:

So I close with this challenge: Be a man, John Gruber, and allow comments at Daring Fireball.

Why the ridiculous “manly” posturing?

And then, after John responds, Joe turns around and removes comments from his blog.

The Macalope obviously enjoys a bit of posturing himself but — at least from where he’s sitting — the shtick only works when a) it’s funny and b) it’s coming from the floppy drive mouth of a mythical character.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

In this week’s Macworld piece, the horny one wonders what Dan Lyons is talking about, gets a chuckle out of Fortune and a heavy sigh out of a lame top ten list.

I want to believe!

It’s a weird Macalope Weekly as the horny one takes on Rob Enderle, Jason Snell and John Gruber (for different reasons). That’s gotta be a first.