Some people are never happy

This week’s piece at Macworld looks at some usual suspects who aren’t satisfied with the iPhone 3.0 announcement. Go figure!

Baseball analogies gone wild!

The Macalope just loves a title with “gone wild” in it. Like this week’s piece at Macworld.

Pinch the Macalope

He actually agrees with ZDNet’s Larry Dignan is about the Mac mini.

Not completely, of course (there’s no real comparison between the mini and a netbook, for example), but at the price point the mini is at — even with nine gajillion ports in the back — it just doesn’t seem to cut it. OK, if you find yourself a cheap monitor and already have a mouse and keyboard you can get into the Mac market for $700 or so, but the Macalope was really hoping for more here. Or less, as the case may be.

The iMac, on the other hand, is a terrific value.

UPDATE: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes comes to the mini’s defense!

Has anyone checked the warp field? This is starting to get alternate-universe-ish.