Light posting through the holidays

And the Macalope’s not just talking about himself, either. It’s like the whole Mac web has gone quiet (with the exception of the MacSanta folks, who the Macalope is pleased to promote for free).

Even the silly pundits seem to be on vacation. Although they seem to be on vacation all the time.

But, regardless, the Macalope can’t commit to posting anything as he’s on backup reindeer duty. Should any reindeer pull a hammy, the Macalope may be called to come off the bench and pinch fly. Flying’s not normally one of the Macalope’s powers, but such is the miracle of the holidays.

Plus, Kringle shoots you up with a bunch of steroids.

Man, you think baseball has a problem… but, of course, congress won’t touch that one.

So, if the Macalope doesn’t see you in the next few days, have a happy.

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