All the Macalope is asking is "Give iPhone rumors a chance."

For the record, the Macalope likes David Pogue’s work, despite the fact that he – tongue firmly planted in his cheek – called Pogue a nasty name the other day.

But, the Macalope thinks he’s wrong about the iPhone here – the Macalope believes there will be one.

Pogue basically has two arguments against the iPhone:

  1. Carriers currently hold the power over hardware manufacturers and Apple would be unlikely to want to put itself in the position it would have to accede to their demands.
  2. iPhone rumors have been floating for several years now and still no iPhone.

Addressing the first argument, Apple’s uniquely positioned to change the balance of power with the carriers. They’ve sold over 60 million iPods to largely satisfied customers who would be more than willing to consider making their next iPod an iPhone.

And then there’s iTunes. Apple owns the largest channel for online music sales. People want their songs to play on all their devices. No iPod owner is going to buy a ZunePhone because they’d have to re-license all their (legally) downloaded music.

As for the second argument, well, Pogue more uses it as a means of pointing out that rumors do not a product make, and he’s right (crank-powered iBook, anyone?). But the set-top box was rumored for ten years and, lo and behold, Apple’s gonna sell one. While rumors do not mean Apple is going to make something, they don’t mean it isn’t going to make it, either.

Apart from disagreeing with his conclusion, however, the Macalope heartily agrees with the rest of the post.

I cannot imagine Apple giving veto power to ANYONE over its software design. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Neither can the Macalope, he doesn’t think that will be necessary. Apple has weight (it owns the digital music market). It can throw it around.

I think cellphones are as ripe for a radical rethink as the online music store was when Apple set up iTunes.

Quite. As a matter of fact, the Macalope would pay good money for a well-designed phone that’s easy to use and a beautiful marriage of hardware and software.

If only there were a company that does that kind of thing…

But let’s not go all wiggy every time someone passes around an iPhone rumor on the Web.

Indeed. Let’s not. But let’s also recognize that there is a great business opportunity here and Apple’s got all the right stuff to fill the gap.

Also, while Vic Keegan went off the deep end in proclaiming that Apple was losing the digital music war to ring tones, there is an increasing convergence between cell phones and digital music players. The Macalope’s gotta think Apple sees this coming and is heading it off at the pass.