The Macalope Sells Out

The Macalope is pleased to announce that starting immediately, he’ll be blogging for CNET.

“Well, I know you cant work in fast food all your life
But dont sign that paper tonight,” she said,
But its too late.

This is a great opportunity for this mythical beast to gain a higher profile and, well, start making a little scratch for his troubles. According to the agreement, CNET bloggers retain responsibility for their content so you should not suddenly start seeing a bunch of puff pieces about how awesome companies that just happen to be CNET advertisers are.

Although, by the way, they are really, really awesome.

Yeah, I dont remember what I read,
I dont remember what they said,
I guess it doesnt matter,
I guess it doesnt matter anymore

But, even so, why would you like this? What do you, the Macalope’s lithesome yet virile reader, get out of it?

For starters, the fact that the horny one is now getting paid something reasonably resembling his worth (no offense to the fine folks at Rogue Amoeba who took a chance on a relatively untested mythical creature on their own initiative) means he has an incentive to write more.

Sell out, with me, oh yeah, sell out, with me tonight
Record company’s gonna give me lots of money and
Everythings gonna be all right

Also, there is, you’ll have to admit, a certain poetic irony in the Macalope blogging for the company that owns the company that George Ou blogs for.

What does that mean for this site vis-á-vis the new blog? Well, the Macalope’s not sure yet. He suggests continuing to subscribe to this feed as it may become the Macalope “after dark” as it were — a place to post those posts CNET might think are a little “too blue”.

No more flippin’ burgers puttin on my silly hat you know
I dont want that no more,
I didnt ask when we get paid, I quit my day job anyway,
I guess it doesnt matter, I guess it doesnt matter anymore

One piece of bad news is that CNET does not currently provide full RSS feeds. They provide the first 100 characters which should at least take care of the primary complaint the Macalope heard which was having to click through for short posts. Also, it’s the Macalope’s understanding that they’re not completely wedded to this structure so if you’d rather see full feeds with ads or full feed without ads or full feeds without ads and a free beverage, let them know.

I dont think itll be so bad
I know it wont be so bad
‘Cause the man said thats the way it is
And the man said it dont get better than this, no, no, no

Again, it’s the Macalope’s sincere hope that his good fortune is your good fortune.

Onward and upward.

Lyrics to “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish.