Jackassery, thy name is Enderle

Nothing new here, really. Just Enderle being Enderle. The Macalope will understand if you want to go read something else.

Rob Enderle finally right about something

Rob Enderle right about the Zune.

Air puppets

Dvorak, Enderle and Lyons. Oh, why?

Fairness and accuracy in the media

Enderle, more bad news for Apple and ANDROID IS THE MOST SECURE EVAH.

The Axis of Dumb

THe unholy trinity of Apple analysis!

Outlandish claims

Enderle says some disturbing things, Microsoft has a fan and more Apple bashing on Foxconn.

Pundit-Maticâ„¢ 3000

You’ll never need to read Rob Enderle again!


Enderle, patents and the Kindle Cloud Reader in this week’s column.

Trying too hard

Link to Macworld piece about Microsoft, iPad competitors and Enderle.

I want to believe!

Enderle, Snell and Gruber get the horns in this week’s Macworld piece.