I love my Mac-usin' son!

This week’s piece on Macworld looks at jackassery by Dvorak and Coursey as well as Microsoft retail.

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  • Kim Helliwell:

    I’m curious: How does one navigate to the Macalope’s columns on the MacWorld site without using the links on this page? I’ve tried several times to find the path, and it’s like Macworld doesn’t want anyone to know the Macalope’s there, I guess. Can’t even find it using search!

  • DB:

    I’ve wondered that myself!

  • lodeath:

    When visiting the Macworld.com website, I click on the ‘News’ tab/button (right next to the ‘More Products’ button). then view the list for ‘The Macalope Weekly’ header.

    But it’s much easier to click on the link provided at this site instead.

  • J.M. Heinrichs:

    1. Click on the “MacWorld” upper left.
    2. You can scroll through the list of putative article until “The Macalope Weekly” appears.
    3. Or select “Mac” from the offering to the right of the MacWorld icon.
    4. If there is an effusion of the Horn’d one, it should be first listed.
    5. Or one remains at this site knowing that articles are not necessarily posted here due to a sense of urgency. Rumination takes time.


  • jean-paul:

    Hello, it’s 05:30 Thursday here in Tokyo. i guess you have been notified many times, but visiting your site this morning in Safari 4.0.2 triggered the warning that i was running the risk of installing malware. Anyway, i clicked twice to dismiss the warning… OMG, is it some kind of computerized swine flu i just got?

  • The Macalope thinks he kicked the fake error message. Please let him know if you see it again.

  • DB:

    Just got the same warning. Visited the page on Google that documented the warning. It cites “go00ogle.net” at http://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?tpl=safari&site=go00ogle.net&hl=en-us and says its last visit was today, 22 July, and that “the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2009-07-22.”

  • Tag:

    Still misbehaving at 9. But why is Google butting in on my Safari browsing? And why was the link a .ru code? Mobile Safari is not affected, or at least not now.

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