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Could FairPlay Hack Lead to iTunes’ Demise?

Apple Hacking Could Be Good for iTunes

  • Kordan Harvey:

    Or not even a lawsuit, what makes this any different from the Real situation? Apple can easily add code to break the reverse-engineered version of FairPlay, just like they did before and I for one would just find it easier to buy music off of iTunes for my iPod. No threat of my songs breaking until the hack can be updated.

    Also where’s this rush to buy music for the iPod from other places? From Microsoft when the Zune comes out? Likely no. Same cost as iTunes, in WMA (just as proprietary as FairPlay) and won’t launch with nearly as large of a catalouge (no catalouge outside of the US).

    I could see it being a boon for competitors to be able to play songs from the iTunes store. But again, all Apple has to do is periodically change FairPlay and you lose the ability to transfer the songs. As well, what I haven’t seen addressed is the fact that Apple is not going to make it so other music players sync to iTunes. So people will have the hassle of having to use one set of software to download and purchase and a second set of software to sync…

    I don’t know, there are SO many variables here. This will be a long, long time before anybody is hurt or benefits.

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